CRM - Level UP

Everytime consumers earn enough point to reach a superior levels they reveice an e-mail reminding them of their new status and of the rewards they unlock. Through the design, we wanted to show that things where happening on the inside. On the left part you're outside the club, on the right side, you're part of it.

For the launch of the Adidas Membership program for the US market, I particapted in the creation of the CRM content (newsletters), for the digital activation, by creating the template of the CRM and also the content for the level-ip emails.


CRM team :  Alfonso Rodriguez, Laura Lapeby, Robert Glad, Océane Combeau & Vincent Verema

Copy team : Charlotte Newbold & Sophie Top
Art direction : Vincent Verema

Producer : Dan Shaw

June, 2018



I chose to put all 3 rewards next to each other to reduce the lenght of the desktop version email. We decided to offer a 20% discount everytime a consumer goes to the next level, to encourage purchases.



Each levels unlock rewards. The goal here was to show the advantages consummers unlocked. The key was to find images that describes each rewards perfectly.